Ahhhh- working from home, just as perfect as you had hoped it would be!  Well, at least for awhile it was.

There are many professions where working from home CAN be just perfect.  Computer repair professionals, typing or word-processing services, Multi-level-Marketing sales, just to name a few.  For some, they are always at their client’s office, the client never comes to see them. Also, some professionals travel so much that an office outside the home just doesn’t make sense.

There are times, however, when something seems to be missing.  Maybe it’s the interaction with others, or opportunities for advancing your business with networking.

A Virtual Office might be just what is needed, but what does a virtual office provide?

  1. PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS ADDRESS – A Virtual office can be as basic as having a professional business address on your business card.  Much safer and more professional than a P.O. Box, home address or the worst – NO ADDRESS AT ALL!  I always wonder what someone is hiding if they don’t have an address on their business card.
  2. MEETING ROOMS – do you really want to meet your client at the local deli or bakery or coffee shop? Many executive suites or business centers rent their meeting rooms to non-tenants.
  3. PROFESSIONAL TELEPHONE ANSWERING – Having your telephone answered with your company name by a personand not a machine can have a significant difference in the number of callers who will actually talk to you or leave a message.  Do YOU ever hang up if you get a recording and go to the next one on the list?
  4. NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES – Renting a conference room at an executive suites provides the opportunity of meeting other professionals, sometimes in your field, sometimes not. However, these meetings can lead to business for you or a chance to collaborate with others in your field.

Knoxville Executive Suites, in Knoxville Tennessee provides virtual office services with no contract required!  For more information contact us at 865/694-0840; mohanlon@kesinc.com or visit our website https://www.kesinc.com