MO:  Today we are with Matt Ridenour with Ridenour Bookkeeping and Tax Services. Hi Matt, welcome to our show. Tell us about your business.

MR:  Thanks for having me. We’re local. My mom owns it. We’re a bookkeeping and tax firm. If you’ve got a tax return or monthly bookkeeping or PNLs that need to be done, we can take care of you.

MO:  Do you deal with businesses primarily?

MR:  We do, but we’re not afraid of personal returns. We have plenty of them to do.

MO:  Large or small businesses?

MR:  Any of the above. A lot of the bigger businesses like to have a CPA.  My mother is an EA, an Enrolled Agent, which keeps track with the IRS and everything; really the only difference is the schooling and usually doesn’t command the prices a CPA does, which is a benefit of seeing an EA.  EAs know just as much if not more than CPAs, and they’re cheaper.

MO:  OK. That sounds interesting for all businesses whether they’re large or small.

MR:  If you’re a smaller business, I would recommend staying away from a CPA just because of the cost. You’re not going to get an advanced service just because you’re going to a CPA.

MO:  That’s good information, I didn’t know that.  How long have you been with Ridenour Bookkeeping?

MR:  This will be my third tax season, almost three years. Mom has owned the business for 8.  She’s been in tax preparation and bookkeeping for over 25 years.  She started with Earl Jordan in Halls years ago.

MO:  Oh, wow. So, you said tax season. I guess you don’t take many vacations around April 15th.

MR:  Oh, between January and April, we’re in the office and that’s it.

MO:  What about October, that’s a pretty busy time, too, isn’t it?

MR:  It can be because you’ve got extensions coming in and the deadline is October 15th.  So if you didn’t get your chance to file your tax return by April 15th and you filed an extension you’ve got until October 15th.  We just made it through that deadline so we’re entering our quiet period for a little while.

MO:  Do you have many clients who, right after, say, the first week in January, they have all of their paperwork ready and they bring it to you?

MR:  Oh, yeah.  We have a few, I wish we had a few more, but we do have a few that just show up the first week or second week of January and they’re ready.  They want to get it done.

MO:  OK, I’m going to ask you this. Do you have any that just bring everything in a shoebox and say, “Here, this is last year,” and you do everything?

MR:  Absolutely. We don’t mind to sort through your receipts.  If they’re just wadded up, just bring it to us and we’ll make something out of them.

MO:  Oh, good! How did you get started with them?

MR:  Well, I was at MTSU and I couldn’t find a job, so I came back home and Mom offered me one, thankfully.

MO:  Great.  I think it was a benefit for both of you.

MR:  It really was.  It was hard at first, but I’ve come to enjoy it.

MO:  Your enthusiasm has got to be helpful with everybody.

MR:  Yeah. *chuckles* This is the third building we’ve been in.  We started in Maryville, the law building burned, then we moved into Multi-Media Solutions, and now we’re here.  This has been the best experience thus far.

MO:  Thank you.  We hope so and hope for a long time.  What is your favorite part of what you do with Ridenour Bookkeeping & Tax Services?

MR:  It’s got to be dealing with the people.  It has to be, because you see them monthly, some only once a year.  This is going to be my third tax season and I’m getting to know these people better and better every year.  It’s interesting to see them come in and see what’s changed and what hasn’t changed and it’s just fun.

MO:  Well, I know in the time you’ve been here with us, I think you pretty much know most of the people.

MR:  *laughs* I at least know this half of the building!

MO:  How long have you been with Knoxville Executive Suites?

MR:  Let’s see. We moved here in September.  It’s only been a couple of months, but it’s been the easiest months I’ve experienced in almost all of my three years with the company.

MO:  That’s great.  Tell us, what is the biggest benefit that you feel your company receives?

MR:  Oh, it’s got to be the phone service.  For us it’s the phone service.  Some days we’ll have just a few phone calls, but once tax season kicks in, we’re getting phone calls out the wazoo.  All day every day we’re getting phone calls. Just having y’all up front handling that phone traffic for us is great.

MO:  I know there are times when you’re really swamped or busy we’ll hold the calls.

MR:  Absolutely.  And that “Do Not Disturb” button is amazing.  You just hit that button and they’ll send your calls right to voicemail.  Another thing is solicitors.  If you’ve got a problem getting hit with solicitors, they will guard you at the door.  They are great gatekeepers.

MO:  Before we sign off, can you tell our listeners how they can reach you?

MR:  Yes!  We are available by phone at 865-470-4252 and we also have a website at  Or by email at

MO:  Thank you very much, Matt.  I really enjoyed chatting with you and I enjoy working with you.  I enjoy seeing you around here.

MR:  No problem.  It’s a pleasure to be here.

# # #

Out:  Thank you to our guests today from our Knoxville Executive Suites community for sharing with us their inspirational story.  We look forward to bringing you another guest next month.  Until our next visit, this is Marlene O’Hanlon with Knoxville Executive Suites.