Office Services

Knoxville Executive Suites tenants/clients have the use of a full and highly trained staff without the recurring costs. Knoxville Executive Suites has made the capital investments in up-to-date office equipment, so you don’t have to.

Our Premium Services:

Knoxville Executive Suites also has a variety of optional services available. You can choose to use these services as little or as much as you need, and pay for only what you use at our Knoxville office space.

  • administrative-assistantAdministrative support
  • High-speed internet
  • Notary Public services
  • Shipping and overnight services
  • Outgoing mail processing
  • Customized Voice Mail/paging/ digital telephone instruments
  • Coffee Service

Non-Tenant Services

In addition to Knoxville office space, Knoxville Executive Suites has several plans for those who do not need a full-time office.

Corporate Identity Package:  Our Corporate Identity Package offers most of the benefits of a regular Knoxville Executive Suites tenant, except for the private office space. We provide you with a telephone number (or you may use one you already have), our telephone receptionists answer your calls in your company name, you have an address and a private mailbox on-site, we can receive and ship your packages for you, and you have use of our conference rooms. This program is ideal for someone who works out of their home or travels extensively, or who may have a main office in another city and just needs a Knoxville presence/connection.

Answering Service:  Knoxville Executive Suites can provide a receptionist at our Knoxville office space to answer your phones while you are at lunch, when you are in meetings, on vacation, at a customer job site, etc. We can offer a variety of options such as voice mail and paging to be sure you receive your messages efficiently and insure your callers have their needs met quickly and professionally. In an era where many people are becoming frustrated with the absence of a real person to talk to when they call a business, Knoxville Executive Suites provides the “human touch” that people are more receptive to and in some cases are expecting when they call your business. Answering service clients also have the option of purchasing any of our other services, including document processing, administrative support, fax and copier services and conference room use.

Outside Client:  Most of the services that are available to our tenants, corporate identity clients, and answering service clients are also available to the general public. Many businesses, students, churches, neighborhood and civic organization, and traveling professionals have the need for occasional or overflow document processing or administrative support services. Our staff is available to fullfill whatever those needs may be, from a simple letter, meeting minutes, research papers, mail merge, data entry, or presentation projects. Our conference rooms at our Knoxville office space are also available by reservation to outside clients.