Okay, so you’ve been working out of your at-home office for quite some time, and both your business and your customer base has grown!  You and your customers find it very disruptive that you interrupt your meeting with them to answer your cell phone, you are scheduling more and more time at professional conference rooms to meet with your clients, and your files have overtaken your house.  Just a few reasons that it might be time to move!  

You’re ready to start the process of looking!  

  • Do you need a thousand square feet of office space or will a few hundred or less be sufficient?
  • Do you really need your own conference room for only a few meetings each week?
  • Will you need your own receptionist to answer your phones or can it be a shared receptionist?
  • Are you ready to sign a long term (3-4 years) lease, or would you be more comfortable with a shorter lease?
  • Do you want solitude at all times, or would you like the opportunity of having others around, when you feel like taking a break?
  • Do you have a staff member who will work with the internet provider, phone-company, copier people, etc, to get everything set up?

More suggestions can be found on this article https://www.linkedin.com/groups/3432155/3432155-6095371523365883908 from Office Finders.

These are just a few of the questions you should consider when starting the office search.  If the answer to most of these is NO, consider looking at offices in an Executive Suites, sometimes called office business centers.

Typically, most executive suites’ offices range in size from 150 – 250 square feet, though larger ones are available and at Knoxville Executive Suites we even have some double offices.

You might find you don’t need as big a space as you thought, since they will provide a lobby for your visitors and guests.  Also, many will have already furnished conference rooms and training rooms for you and usually several hours use are included with your rent. At Knoxville Executive Suites all of our conference rooms are equipped with flat screen TVs.  Now there is no need for renting overhead projectors for presentations or just client meetings where you want everyone to view your proposal on something larger than the computer screen.

Another benefit is that your executive suites’ manager or owner will take care of all of the set up for telephone and internet and have the phone sitting on your desk and ready for you.

Leases at most executive suites can be as short as month-to-month and frequently have a little monetary benefit for a longer (year) lease.

Lastly, copiers are set up and ready for you to input your code and make copies.  Trained staff are waiting to greet you and your clients every day, answer your phones, have coffee on in the morning and work on any documents you might need prepared or just polished up a bit. One of the best features is that you only pay for what you use!  No monthly maintenance fee on a copier, or service contracts on office equipment.

More information on when is the right time to move to an office outside your home can be found at http://www.entrepreneur.com/answer/225401