Did you know you can rent an office for just one day?? We call it our ‘day office’ – not too original are we?

Anyway, through the years we have had callers telling us they don’t really need an office all the time, maybe a couple of hours a week, or a few days a month. Working out of their home works just fine for them, with the exception of a couple of times a year.

Our solution was to provide a furnished office that can be rented daily, or weekly or monthly. Pricing depends on how often and regularly it is used.  We even have a package for those who need to use an office one day a week, but long term!  Pricing at Knoxville Executive Suites can range from $50 per day to $100 per month which provides a day a week for a month.  This price includes a telephone, wireless internet and coffee service.

The hours are 8am – 5pm Monday – Friday.

So, why would you need an office for ‘just a day’.

  • The interior of your house is being painted and you can’t stand the smell.
  • It’s holiday time, the kids are at home and you HAVE to finish a project.
  • Relatives are visiting and you just can’t get anything done.
  • You would love to occasionally just get out of the house and be around other professionals.
  • You’re hiring a contract employee, and need an interview space.
  • The big boss is in town, knows you work out of your house, but wants to meet someplace other than your house!

These are just a few reasons for using a day office. If you find yourself in any of these situations, please contact us at Knoxville Executive Suites.  https://www.kesinc.com; mohanlon@kesinc.com or