Have you ever been in one of the larger, chain/franchise coffee shops and even some of the smaller ones, and witnessed a business meeting taking place?

Whether it was a financial planner, an internet provider, someone selling promotional items, an insurance provider or one of many other possibilities, a salesperson was promoting their product and themselves to a potential customer.

Usually, those meetings are taking place at these locations because the selling person does not have an office outside their home. If it works for you, a home office is a perfectly acceptable for running your business.  However, meeting your clients at a public facility is not always a great idea since you not only lose some of your professionalism but, your client is not allowed to listen to you without being bombarded with distractions!

An alternative to public facilities would be renting a meeting room.  The catch here is that hotel and motel meeting rooms are usually quite large and can be expensive.

Another option would be to find an executive suites business in your area, visit them and look at their meeting/conference rooms.  Many will rent by the ½ day, full day and some even by the hour.  Ideally, if you could schedule several meetings on the same day you could save some money by getting the full day rate.  Some executive suites even have a day office which can be rented, complete with internet service, telephone and coffee included.

At Knoxville Executive Suites we have four meeting rooms:

  • Conference Room A – Seats 10 (can function as a small Training room)
  • Conference Room B – Seats 8
  • Conference Room C – Seats 4
  • Training Room – Seats 20

Our pricing can range from $20/hour to $100 for a full day.

Some executive suite centers will make you a special offer if you plan on becoming a regular customer and rent a meeting room frequently.

Smaller colleges in your area might also provide an opportunity to rent space to you since many have primarily evening classes and many of their rooms are empty during daytime hours.

Do some research looking for meeting rooms, conference rooms or training centers.  You might be surprised at what is available for you!

For more information on the benefits of meeting rooms, http://montvilleoffice.com/benefits-renting-conference-room/.